Raporty Końcowe stanowią podstawę do podjęcia przez Prezesa Urzędu Lotnictwa Cywilnego decyzji w sprawie podjęcia działań profilaktycznych.
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„Laser to nie zabawka” – rusza ogólnopolska kampania społeczna Urzędu Lotnictwa Cywilnego przeciw oślepianiu pilotów laserem
Zalecenie z raportu wstępnego nr 2022/2456_EN

Treść zalecenia: During the investigation of the occurrence, the PKBWL determined that the technical solutions used in the landing gear extension and retraction system of Tecnam P2006T aircraft create hazards to the flight safety and, therefore, should be immediately modified as described below in the detailed recommendations. 1) Recommendation 2022/2456/1 The value of the current of the hydraulic pump motor of the landing gear in some situations exceeds the value of the rated current of the components used in this circuit, which causes fusing of the relay contacts and overheating of the connector on the hydraulic pump motor. Therefore, SCAAI recommends that the manufacturer of the Tecnam P2006T airplanes analyses the parameters of the components used in the landing gear retraction and extension system, and then replaces all system components whose load is higher than their rated currents values. 2) Recommendation 2022/2456/2 During the investigation the PKBWL determined that if during aircraft operation, the relay contacts in the circuit of the landing gear hydraulic pump motor are fused, or the landing gear lever is blocked in the upper position, the hydraulic pump works and maintains the pressure in the system (despite opening the FIRST DISCHARGE valve), which prevents the landing gear from being extended in an emergency. In such case, the pressure can be reduced only by pulling out the "LANDING GEAR" circuit breaker. For the above reasons PKBWL proposes that the manufacturer of Tecnam P2006T airplanes considers a modification of the alternate landing gear extension procedure by adding a provision that in such a need the LANDING GEAR circuit breaker must be pulled out and that the abovementioned circuit breaker must be appropriately marked. 3) Recommendation 2022/2456/3 During the investigation PKBWL determined that the lever mounted on the shaft of the FIRST DISCHARGE valve is insufficiently secured against spontaneous loosening. This fact was revealed on the serious incident aircraft. Loosening of the lever allows for its free rotation around the valve shaft, which prevents the valve opening and reduction of the pressure in the system prior to opening THEN EMERGENCY valve. Therefore PKBWL recommends that the manufacturer of the Tecnam P2006T aircraft modifies the connection of the FIRST DISCHARGE valve lever with the valve shaft so that it is not possible to loosen it spontaneously during operation of the aircraft airplane (e.g. use a splined joint). 4) Recommendation 2022/2456/4 Implementation of recommendations 2022/2456/1, 2022/2456/2 and 2022/2456/3 requires time, but irregularities found during the investigation may result in the inability to extend the landing gear via alternate system, which poses a real hazard to flight safety. Therefore, PKBWL recommends that the manufacturer of the Tecnam P2006T aircraft, issues a service letter/bulletin informing aircraft users about the above problems and defining a temporary solutions, until the above recommendations will have been implemented.
Data zdarzenia: 2022-05-23