Frequently Asked Questions

What aviation occurrences are investigated by PKBWL?

The Commission investigates accidents and serious incidents to:

  1. civil aircraft on the territory of the Republic of Poland and in the Polish airspace;
  2. aircraft for which the Republic of Poland is the state of registry, operator, design or manufacturer – in cases specified in international regulations.


In some cases PKBWL may investigate accidents, serious incidents or incidents to other aircraft, if so decided by the PKBWL Chairman.

Which aviation occurrences are not investigated by PKBWL?

Chairman of PKBWL may decide not to initiate a safety investigation when an accident or serious incident concerns an unmanned aircraft for which a certificate or declaration is not required pursuant to Article 56 (1) and (5) of Regulation (EU) 2018/1139, or concerns a manned aircraft with a maximum take-off mass less than or equal to 2 250 kg, and where no person has been fatally or seriously injured.

Aircraft incidents, depending on their nature, are investigated by authorized representatives of aircraft user, air traffic service provider and aerodrome operator as part of their safety management system (SMS).

Moreover, PKBWL does not investigate accidents and serious incidents to state aviation. 

In what cases can PKBWL investigate an incident?

PKBWL Chairman may decide that PKBWL will undertake the investigation of the aircraft incident. The factors contributing favourable to undertaking the investigation of the incident by SCAAI:

  • the incident concerns an entity that conducts activities that require a certificate;
  • third parties/passengers have been exposed to harmful substances, stress and other undesirable factors;
  • the event took place abroad and was classified as an incident, but the foreign SIA did not undertake the investigation, but SCAAI considered it important for the safety of air operations or national interests;
  • the event is of great interest to the media and/or the public;
  • incidents are repeated on the same type of aircraft, or occurred in the same organization, or during similar operations or concern the same component of the aircraft and there are indications that their causes may be systemic, organizational or training errors.

Where can I find a report on investigation into an occurrence?

Reports on the completed PKBWL investigations are available in the Occurrence database bookmark.

If a given occurrence took place abroad, then you should contact the European Central Repository through Polish Civil Aviation Authority:

In what cases may PKBWL restrain from investigating an occurrence?

PKBWL may refrain from an investigation into accident or incident if it is found that:

  1. at the moment of the occurrence the aircraft was used by an unauthorised person;
  2. the person using the aircraft was under the influence of alcohol or drugs;
  3. the aircraft was built or used contrary to applicable regulations
  4. the aircraft was used as a result of an unlawful interference and in particular a hijacking.


In that case PKBWL also notifies a competent authority about suspected violation of criminal laws.

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