Reporting occurrences

Report an aircraft accident or serious incident

Aircraft occurrences shall be reported to the State Commission on Aircraft Accidents Investigation (PKBWL) via:

  • PKBWL 24-hour telephone number: +48 500 233 233
  • email:
  • fax: +48 22 522 55 21

Who must report an aircraft accident or serious incident?

Any person who has knowledge of an accident or a serious incident should immediately notify the PKBWL.

In addition, the natural persons shall report the occurrences through the ECCAIRS system:

  • the pilot in command, or, in cases where the pilot in command is unable to report the occurrence, any other crew member next in the chain of command of an aircraft registered in a Member State or an aircraft registered outside the Union but used by an operator for which a Member State ensures oversight of operations or an operator established in the Union;
  • a person engaged in designing, manufacturing, continuous airworthiness monitoring, maintaining or modifying an aircraft, or any equipment or part thereof, under the oversight of a Member State or of the Agency;
  • a person who signs an airworthiness review certificate, or a release to service in respect of an aircraft or any equipment or part thereof, under the oversight of a Member State or of the Agency;
  • a person who performs a function which requires him or her to be authorised by a Member State as a staff member of an air traffic service provider entrusted with responsibilities related to air navigation services or as a flight information service officer;
  • a person who performs a function connected with the safety management of an airport to which Regulation (EC) No 1008/2008 of the European Parliament and of the Council (13) applies;
  • a person who performs a function connected with the installation, modification, maintenance, repair, overhaul, flight-checking or inspection of air navigation facilities for which a Member State ensures the oversight;
  • a person who performs a function connected with the ground handling of aircraft, including fuelling, loadsheet preparation, loading, de-icing and towing at an airport covered by Regulation (EC) No 1008/2008.
Note: Each report is treated with due confidentiality, ensuring the protection of all data contained in that report.

What is the deadline for reporting an aviation occurrence?

The persons listed above should  report an occurrence as soon as possible, but not later than 72 hours after becoming aware of the occurrence, unless exceptional circumstances prevent this.

What information should be reported to the PKBWL?

If an occurrence is reported by ECCAIRS2, the ECCAIRS format should be followed.

If an occurrence is reported by other means, the PKBWL will need to know as much of the following information as possible:

  1. Who is reporting the occurrence? – contact details of the reporting person.
  2. When did the occurrence occur? – day and time.
  3. Where did the occurrence take place? — geographical coordinates or the nearest town, airport, open area, built-up area, other.
  4. What aircraft was involved in the occurrence? — type/model, registration marks, name of user/owner, operator and hirer, if any, of the aircraft;
  5. How many persons were on board of the aircraft?
  6. Are there any victims? – killed, seriously injured ?
  7. Is the rescue operation ongoing and is it being recorded?
  8. Who is the person responsible for the rescue operation? — telephone contact to that person.
  9. Who is the representative of the police or prosecutor’s office that is present on the occurrence site? — contact details required to establish a list of witnesses, take photos, draw a sketch of the area, secure evidence, etc.
  10. Were there hazardous materials or a ballistic recovery system on board of the aircraft?
  11. What is the access to the occurrence site? Is it possible to go thereby car, helicopter, on foot, by boat? What is the type of the concerned terrain?, e.g. mountains, forest.
  12. In return, SCAAI will provide information about its intention, including:
    • arrival on the accident site;
    • permission to move the aircraft, its parts or wreckage;
    • any other actions required to prevent loss of evidence.

Reporting an occurrence by a witness

Any person who found an abandoned aircraft or its wreckage, or was involved or witnessed an aircraft accident or emergency landing outside an aerodrome shall be obliged to immediately notify the nearest Police unit or public administration authority or other public security and order services or search and rescue services, in particular firefighting units, which can provide assistance.

Reporting an occurrence outside of Poland

In addition, a person having knowledge of an accident or a serious incident that took place outside the territory of Poland should immediately notify at foreign safety investigation authority of this fact.

Contact details for all foreign safety investigation authorities can be found on the International Civil Aviation Organization website.

500 233 233

phone 24h

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