PKBWL report – Accident, AutoGyro Cavalon (SP-XCWA), Wałczyk airfield, 14/04/2022

On the day of the accident, the pilot prepared the gyroplane for flight and checked the weather conditions at the airfield (CAVOK). There were  about 50 liters of fuel on board. After the pre-flight check, the pilot started up the engine and after warming it up, taxied to the holding point near the threshold 02 of the Wałczyk airfield. After the test run, the pilot entered the runway and started the rotor pre-rotation. After reaching 240 RPM, the pilot started the take-off run. At the distance of 100 meters, the gyroplane reached the speed of 70 km / h. After next 50 meters, the gyroplane reached 87 km / h and began to deviate towards the left edge of the runway. At the 200 m marker, the gyroplane reached the speed of 97 km / h (still on the ground) and crossed the left edge of the runway. At the 250 m marker, the gyroplane was outside the runway, about 3 m from its left edge, and was moving at a speed of 110 km / h. After about 275 m of the take -off run, the gyroplane lifted-off, rolled to the left, and then bounced off the ground with the nose wheel, which caused that the nose landing gear separated from the fuselage. A few meters later, the gyroplane collided with a copse on the left side of the runway, then turned over to the left side and stopped in a depression of the terrain filled with water about 1 m deep with the main landing gear wheels up. The pilot shut down the engine and then left the cockpit unaided sustaining minor injuries only.

Cause of the accident: Flying error consisting in incorrect setting the control stick during take-off run and inability to maintain the take-off run direction.

Contributing factors: Little experience of the pilot.

PKBWL has not proposed any safety recommendation after completion of the Investigation.

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