PKBWL report – accident, Socata-Rallye 235-ED (SP-WOP), Lubin aerodrome (EPLU), 24/09/2022

On 24 September 2022, a gliding competition for landing accuracy was held at Lubin airport (EPLU). The gliders were towed behind the Socata-Ralley 235 E-D aircraft with identification marking SP-WOP. After completing 20 tows, the tow pilot was changed.
During the first tow (after the pilot change), the tow pilot disconnected the tow rope at an altitude of approximately 300 m. The aircraft pilot deviated the direction of flight to the left and began a descent. By radio, he obtained permission from flights manager to land downwind. While making a right turn to the airport, the pilot attempted to increase the engine speed, but the engine did not respond. As a result, the aircraft made an emergency landing approximately 180 m before the RWY 31 threshold.
During the final phase of the approach to the emergency landing, the aircraft snagged and broke the electric traction wires of the railway line.
The pilot was not injured during the accident and the aircraft was severely damaged.

Causes and contributing factors:
1)    Unintentional closure of the engine fuel supply by the pilot.
2)    Execution of a right turn for final, too far from the airport.

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