PKBWL report – accident, Zenair CH 601 (OK-KUA15), Kiełczynek, 23/05/2023

On 23 May 2023, the pilot intended to perform a recreational flight in a Zenair CH 601 in the area of the Kiełczynek airfield. After arriving at the airfield, the pilot
pushed the aeroplane from the hangar, carried out a pre-flight inspection and took a seat in the cockpit. The right-hand seat was taken by a passenger. After that, the pilot started the engine, taxied several dozen metres and carried out an engine test, following which he taxied to the end of the RWY. After aligning the
aeroplane on the runway centreline, the pilot commenced take off at 19:30 hrs. After covering about 270 m, the aeroplane lifted off from the grass runway but
was at the same time banking to the right and left wing alternately. In order to avoid an obstacle on the take-off direction, the pilot made a slight right turn and
pulled the control stick slightly towards himself. The aeroplane climbed to approximately 4 m over the RWY but, still banking sideways, made a sudden right
turn in the final take-off phase and collided with a building. The pilot and the passenger got out of the cockpit on their own. The passenger sustained serious injuries and was taken to hospital. The aeroplane was destroyed.

Causes and contributing factors:
Execution of take-off by the pilot in an overloaded aeroplane and with a potentially decreased engine power due to carburettor icing.
2) The pilot’s decision to continue the take-off despite clear symptoms of insufficient engine power.

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