PKBWL report – Accident, Bristell NG-5 (SP-SLES), Kikity airfield (EPKI), 15/08/2020

On 15 August 2020, the pilot of the Bristell NG-5 airplane (with a passenger on-board) took off at about 20:40 hrs from the Kikity aerodrome (EPKI) for a recreational flight on the route: Mrągowo, Mikołajki, Giżycko, Kikity. The flight was performed at an altitude of about 1,200 ft. During approach to EPKI, the pilot reported to FIS Olsztyn switching to aerodrome frequency and began descending to 1,000 ft. Witnesses who were at the aerodrome stated that around 19:30 hrs UTC they observed the aircraft position lights around the third turn of the aerodrome traffic circuit, which suddenly disappeared. Bystanders by the lake reported to the aerodrome operator and emergency services that an accident had probably occurred. Rescue services undertook a search operation
and found the wreckage of the plane in the forest. The plane was destroyed and the pilot and passenger were killed on the spot.

Cause of the occurrence: Probable uncontrolled loss of height during the third turn of the aerodrome traffic circuit.

PKBWL has proposed two safety recommendations after the investigation.

Recommendation 2022/2397/1 – for the President of the Civil Aviation Authority:
An important element of an investigation is checking the correct maintenance of the aircraft prior to an occurrence. In the course of the investigation into the accident No 2020/2397 PKBWL had no access to records of maintenance effected on the aircraft after 100 FH because the documents were probably on board of the accident aircraft the and were burned.
Therefore, the PKBWL recommends that the President of the Civil Aviation Authority amends applicable regulations so that the documents required on board during flight are not integrated with the airworthiness documents, the latter should be kept on the ground. It will prevent airworthiness documents from being destroyed during an accident.

Recommendation 2022/2397/2 – for the President of the Civil Aviation Authority:
In the course of the 2020/2397 accident investigation, the SCAAI found that the accident aircraft was entered in the Aircraft Register in the K6-E category as an experimental aircraft, and therefore it should only be used for research, experimental or scientific purposes. However, the accident aircraft was used by a private owner for private flights.
In order to prevent such cases in the future, PKBWL recommends that the President of the Civil Aviation Authority, as part of inspections carried out in accordance with art. 27 of the Aviation Law Act, will verify whether the aircraft entered in the register in the K6E (experimental) category are operated in accordance with their intended use and applicable restrictions.

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