PKBWL report – Accident, Tecnam P2006T (SP-KEY), Bydgoszcz aerodrome (EPBY), 14/07/2020

On 14th July 2020, the crew of the Tecnam P2006T aircraft, SP-KEY registration marks, composed of: flight instructor (ATPL(A), aged 61) and student-pilot (PPL(A), aged 27), took-off at 09:30 hrs LMT for the flight to the flight zone as part of MEP(L) training.

Around 10:00 hrs, the crew reported completion of the task in the flight zone and return to EPBY aerodrome. On the final to RWY 08, the crew was cleared to land, however the instructor asked the TWR controller for a touch and go procedure or a low pass over the runway. After receiving clearance for a low pass, the crew continued the flight over RWY 08. After completing the low pass manoeuvre, the crew made a right turn. After a few seconds, the aircraft stalled at low altitude and in the initial phase of the stall, rolled to the right and crashed into the ground.

The aircraft caught fire as a result of the collision. The plane was destroyed and the crew died on the spot.

Cause of the occurrence: Airplane stall during performance of go-around

Contributing factors:

1. Performing the GO-AROUND procedure with one engine inoperative  and its propeller windmilling.
2. Performing the GO-AROUND procedure with landing gear extended and flaps set to 20⁰.
3. Little experience of the instructor in conducting MEP(L) training.

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