PKBWL report – EV-97 Eurostar SL (OK-YUA98), Milewo Airfield (EPMX), 9/05/2021

On 9 May 2021, three ultralight planes made a flight from EPPL to EPMX aerodrome. After a short break, two of them took off for next flights. The last one – EV97 Eurostar OK-YUA98 aircraft, initiated take-off run to perform a return flight to EPPL.
During take-off run on RWY 18, still below rotation speed, the aircraft hit a vast puddle of water. The airplane lost take-off direction and turned left, towards the pond and the building. At full take-off power the aircraft bypassed the pond and the right-wing tip collided with the against the terrace balustrade, while the wing torsion box hit the vertical beam supporting the roof of the building. Then the airplane made a full vertical rotation and rested on the property’s fence, damaging it. The engine of the plane stopped and there was no fire.

Cause of the accident:
1. Failure to regain control of the aircraft during take-off run, after loss of direction;
2. Lack of decision to abort take-off after loss of control during take-off run.

Contributing factors:
1) Failure to recognize the terrain conditions for landing and take-off at the aerodrome (dodge and a large puddle on the runway);
2) Insufficient pre-flight check of the cockpit and thoughtless approach to possible actions in case of aborted take-off.

PKBWL has not proposed any safety recommendation after completion of the

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