PKBWL report – Incident, Diamond DA20-C1 (SP-NDI), Dęblin Airport (EPDE), 21/04/2021

On 21 April 2021, during training for PPL(A), a student-pilot performed solo flights along the aerodrome traffic circuit under the supervision of a flight instructor. Around 12:38 hrs UTC, during landing, the student-pilot performed touch down on the nose wheel of the landing gear, which resulted in a bounced landing. The student-pilot reacted to the bounce by moving forward the control stick, which led to another bounce, the instructor ordered: “stop the stick” and “hold stick in place”. The plane bounced off the runway a few more times and finally the student-pilot performed the go-around procedure. During climb, he reported intensive vibrations of the plane. The instructor ordered him to check the engine operating parameters and make a landing on a shortened circuit. After landing, the student-pilot informed about taxi problems. The instructor ordered to shut down the engine and wait on the taxiway. Then the instructor
found that the propeller and nose landing gear strut were damaged.

Cause of the occurrence: Incorrect reaction to bounced landing.

Contributing factor: Tailwind during landing.

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