PKBWL report – Serious Incident, Embraer – ERJ190-200-200LR (SP-LNO), Warsaw aerodrome (EPWA), 11/10/2019

The flight took place on the route from Brussels to Warsaw. The FO was a PF. The approach and landing was performed on RWY33.

Crosswind of 10 up to 15 kt was recorded just prior to touch down. The aircraft slightly lost its direction and touched down with the vertical acceleration of 1.96 g. During touch down, the aircraft bounced off the runway and the PF initiated the go-around procedure. The auto-throttle was disengaged in accordance with the system’s operating logic. The thrust lever was moved forward to 72° TLA without pushing the TO/GA button.

During the go-around, the maximum climb speed amounted to 4,384 ft/min, while the aircraft maximum nose up pitch angle reached 32.2°. At the altitude of 1,470 ft. (1,218 ft. AGL), the aircraft speed dropped to 95 kt. The crew started to correct the flight parameters, the so-called “Stick Shaker” was activated, and a while later the crew started an upset recovery manoeuvre.

At the altitude of 1,382 ft. (1,044 ft. AGL), the system terminated warnings on nearing critical angle of attack. The TO/GA was pushed, thereby activating the “Flight Guidance Control System” (FGCS).

From that moment on, the crew carried out the flight based on the FGCS indications. According to the air traffic control guidelines, the pilots turned right, carried out another approach and completed the landing on RWY33.

Causes of the serious incident:

1.         Incorrect execution of the “Bounced Landing Recovery” and “Go-Around” procedures.

2.         Delayed reaction of the Pilot Monitoring to the errors made by the Pilot Flying during landing and go-around.


After completion of the investigation, PKBWL issued four safety recommendations for the carrier:

Recommendation no. 2019/4685-1

Revise the simulator training program regarding procedure: “Bounced Landing Recovery”.

Recommendation no. 2019/4685-2

Revise the simulator training program regarding stall recovery at low altitudes.

Recommendation no. 2019/4685-3

Introduce an obligation that FO experience in flying the given aircraft type must be communicated to a Captain – if the flight time is less than 500 hours FO should be treated as inexperienced

Recommendation no. 2019/4685-4

Introduce a limit for inexperienced FO to land with a crosswind: 1/2 of the maximum crosswind component for a given aircraft type.


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