PKBWL report – Accident, Diamond DA42 (SP-TRL), Warsaw Modlin Airport (EPMO), 29/09/2022

On 19 August 2021, at 14:22 hrs UTC, the DA 42 airplane crew consisting of the instructor-pilot and student pilot took off in order to perform training flights as part of MEP(L) training on the route from EPBC to EPMO. The training flights were performed according to the training program approved by the Polish Civil Aviation Authority. As part of the exercise, 9 take-offs and landings were performed uneventfully. After the 9th landing, the crew stopped the plane on the runway and, after a short break, made another take-off. During the climb, at an altitude of approximately 500 ft, the instructorpilot reduced the power of both engines to idle, simulating a powerplant failure. In order to maintain the airspeed, the crew started descending with the intention of straight-in landing. The descent was performed with a significant nose down pitch, which caused the touchdown at high speed. The airplane was substantially damaged.

Cause of the occurrence:
1) Both engines failure simulated just after take-off in the climb phase, which was inconsistent with the exercise No 6 of the training program.
2) Insufficient flight altitude during initiation of the powerplant failure simulation during climb phase.

Contributing factor:
Incorrect estimation of the flight altitude prior to the powerplant failure simulation during climb phase.

PKBWL has not proposed safety recommendations after the investigation.

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