PKBWL preliminary report – accident, Cessna 150 (D-EKIQ), Warsaw/Wawer, 1/03/2024

We inform that the preliminary report related to the Cessna 150 (D-EKIQ) accident which occurred on 1/03/2024 in Warsaw (Wawer district) has been published. As a result of the accident pilot and passenger sustained no injuries. The airplane was demaged. The subjected accident is still under investigation of PKBWL team. Read the preliminary report.

PKBWL report – accident, helicopter AS 350 B3e (F-HCHB), Rogoźnik Lake, 23/05/2022

On 23 May 2022, an Eurocopter AS350B3e helicopter with registration marks FHCHB took part in the fire-fighting operation for a forest fire which broke out in the municipality of Świerklaniec. The helicopter would take water from the nearby Rogoźnik Lake and transport it in its underslung bambi bucket. After performing 8 water drops, the helicopter […]

PKBWL report – accident, Zenair CH 601 (OK-KUA15), Kiełczynek, 23/05/2023

On 23 May 2023, the pilot intended to perform a recreational flight in a Zenair CH 601 in the area of the Kiełczynek airfield. After arriving at the airfield, the pilotpushed the aeroplane from the hangar, carried out a pre-flight inspection and took a seat in the cockpit. The right-hand seat was taken by a […]

Krzysztof Miłkowski new Chairman of the State Commission on Aircraft Accidents Investigation

We hereby inform that on 27th April 2023, Mr. Andrzej Adamczyk, the Minister for Infrastructure, accepted the resignation of Mr. Bogusław Trela, the Chairman of the State Commission on Aircraft Accident Investigation (PKBWL) and awarded him the Badge of Honour “Well-Deserved for Transportation of the Republic of Poland.” This award is considered the highest distinction in […]