PKBWL report – Accident, Bell 429 (SP-KKS), Piasek airfield (EPPY), 22/02/2021

On 22 February 2021, around 23:27 hrs LMT , a pilot (male, aged 51, holder of CPL(H)) took off with a Bell 429 helicopter, SP-KKS registration marks, for a tourist flight with three passengers on-board. The take-off was performed from an off-field area, located in Zagwiździe (about 5 NM north of Opole), the planned destination […]

PKBWL report – Accident, Robinson R44 (SP-CCC), Mikołajki, 6/07/2022

On 6 July 2021, around 09:30 hrs LMT1 a pilot of the Robinson R44 (Raven I) helicopter, SP-CCC registration marks, took off from a private property in Mikołajki to perform a recreational flight to the EPUL airfield in Ułęż. The pilot was a male, holder of PPL(H) and there were two passengers on-board. The temperature […]