Krzysztof Miłkowski new Chairman of the State Commission on Aircraft Accidents Investigation

We hereby inform that on 27th April 2023, Mr. Andrzej Adamczyk, the Minister for Infrastructure, accepted the resignation of Mr. Bogusław Trela, the Chairman of the State Commission on Aircraft Accident Investigation (PKBWL) and awarded him the Badge of Honour “Well-Deserved for Transportation of the Republic of Poland.” This award is considered the highest distinction in […]

PKBWL report – Accident, Cessna C-150 (SP-KHD), Brzóza, 24/11/2020

During emergency landing, the plane turned over. The student suffered minor injuries but managed to get out of the damaged aircraft on her own. During the inspection of the aircraft at the accident site, it was found that the carburetor heater lever was in the “closed” position (no heating).

PKBWL Interim report – Accident, VULCANAIR P68 (SP-FPM), Gdańsk Airport (EPGD), 23/03/2021

The State Commission on Aircraft Accidents Investigation (PKBWL) hereby informs that the investigation activities related to the accident involving VULCANAIR P68 airplane registered as SP-FPM, which occurred on 23rd March 2021 (PKBWL reference number 572/2021) have been completed and the draft Final Report on the investigation has been prepared.  Currently, the draft Final Report is being translated into English, […]

PKBWL report – Accident, Gyrocopter TERCEL (SP-XERO), Toruń, 9/05/2021

On May 9, 2021, the pilot (and owner) of the TERCEL gyrocopter arrived at EPTO – Pomeranian Aeroclub’s aerodrome to perform a recreational flight. The pilot performed a preflight check in accordance to the Flight Manual. No technical irregularities were found at that time. At about 9:53 hrs UTC the pilot took off and then […]